Can You Work as a Doctor & Still Find Time for Fitness
May 2017

Working long hours is bad for your health, and doctors understand it better than anyone else. Out of all the noble professions that demand 60 or more hours a week, the most dexterity is arguably required in the medical industry. Doctors spend almost all of their time on their feet and are always occupied with extreme amount of pressure. These doctors dedicate their lives helping patients but often forget how to help themselves!

What we have to realize is that fitness is not a choice but should be considered a prerequisite in order to live a fuller life. Putting so many hours at work takes a toll on our physical and mental well being. Not only do we start losing shape but with time our perception of life can change permanently. This is exactly why it is imperative that doctors takes out time from their daily routine and start concentrating on their health. Of course finding time is not easy, but ask yourself what is more important than your health? How can you enjoy the monetary benefits of work when you are not content with your life style? On the other hand some people are just not cut out for the gym. Rest assured we have the solution to all of your problems.

1.     Find what makes you happy

The first and most important step you can take to improve your health is finding out what makes you happy. For some hitting the gym and pumping iron is like a high, while other would prefer activities that demand bot physical and mental focus such as martial arts, Mua thai, Parkour, swimming, yoga, boxing  and other activities. So sit and ponder what entices you? What makes you happy? Once you find that happy place please never let go.

2.     Determine an appropriate time

The next step that you will have to take is determining an appropriate time for your work out. Please do not take this decision lightly and the time you should allot should be realistic. Most doctors prefer working out before going to work, but forget about them you should allot a time that best suits your specifications.  So scrutinize your daily routine and try and find a window which you can dedicate for your fitness activities.

3.     Determine an appropriate diet plan

Once you have considered all of the above the final detail that you have to work on is your diet plan. Rest assured no one is saying that you should give up chocolate or the food you love, but rather control the intake of food that might impact your weight. Please do not go on a hunger strike and expect that you will become the epitome of fitness, rather eat what you love and work hard to burn through the food. As a doctor determining an appropriate diet plan might be easy, but sticking to it will prove to be difficult.

Finally there is no doubt that this will make your life a little more difficult, but when you see how your new routine is changing you in so many different ways you will realize important fitness really is. Your new regime will give you a new perception of life and the benefits are endless. You will also get better at work and will be able to deal with patients in a much better manner, due to the lowered amount of stress on your mind and body.

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