Jun 2017

Almost each and every doctor has to lead a very busy life and their schedule is tight. Finding out extra time for social media like Facebook, LinkedIn is quite impossible for them and that’s why there are social media specifically created for doctors all around the world to facilitate their work where they are capable of taking help from their peers and experts and also able to help others.


How social media benefits a physician’s practice

  • Sharing general clinical and practice information
  • Providing a unique set of opportunities for the newbie to come in touch with the experts
  • Getting involved with trends
  • Building a sense of community
  • To build a practice that better meets patients’ needs
  • Connecting with patients and getting feedback
  • Get information on others practically!
  • Extending the reach of your practice in the community


How social media facilitate physicians/doctors

  • Larger customer experiences

It allows a physician to know about the mindset of the patient. Let the world know the service that you provide. Use the media for the facts that may have caused in your practice and apologize for any incidents and also assure the best healthcare service.


  • Wider bandwidth for the brand manifestation

It’s said that social media is the best place for marketing and brand exposure. Introduce the world with your healthcare service through social media for a manifestation of your brand.


  • Improved services

How a physician handles an angry or unsatisfied patient impacts more rather than how a satisfied or gentle patient is handled which makes sure of an improved service.


  • Discovery of new trends

Change is in nature’s law. So evolving practice method is also a requirement of time. Get introduced with the latest trends and suggest patients through the portal of social media.


  • A cost-effective way to reach patients

Simply advertising your services may look odd and expensive in some cases. Establishing your service through social media doesn’t cost you much except the time you spend. It’s a cost-effective medium to make an establishment for your health care farm and services that are provided by you.


  • Enhancing professional networking efforts

Networking is a must for the medical professionals and it helps to get up to dated about what the other physicians thinking and their way to serve. Social media allows in enhancing professional networking efforts.


  • Gives physicians a platform to present their views on health care related topics

Different physicians have a different thought, view, and way for their service. Social media makes a portal or platform to make the most out of it. It allows you to present your views, thoughts and let you make a different way to serve.


Reasons why physicians have to spend time on social media

  • Doctor’s social networking sites offer connection, crowd-sourcing, education and even some fun
  • Creating a virtual doctor’s lounge
  • Sharing information and opinions
  • Getting help from doctors all around the world
  • Taking advice from the experts
  • To find out the best solution for patients
  • To distribute health information
  • To build up a good physician-patient relationship
  • Let the world know about the unique service that you provide
  • Patients like the young generation are mostly influenced by social media
  • Parents are more likely to seek medical answers online even of non-parents a standard number of people look for medical information through Facebook, YouTube.
  • To share a patient success story


Social media opens a portal for a qualitative study of the new frontier of medicine. To build up a career in medicine and to be the best one must share his/her experiences, opinions and information besides learning from others experiences, opinions, and information.

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