8 Breakthrough Advancements in Biotechnology That Will Change Medicine
Jun 2018

Biotechnology has been growing at a rapid pace since last a few decades. Below is the list of a few advancements in the field of biotechnology which can change the course of the medical field:

1. Spit-test for Cancer
Cancer diagnosis and its treatment have always been painful for the patients. However, a few researchers from the University of California who have invented a spit test and they can diagnose Cancer only from the saliva of the patient. It means patients will not have to go through biopsies to get their disease diagnosed.

2. Monitoring of Prosthetic Limbs
Prosthetics have brought ease in the life of many amputees who were living handicapped life. However, a problem with prosthetics is that their response is difficult to monitor. Researchers from the University of Stanford is trying to develop a device which can monitor position and movement of prosthetics.

3. Contact Lenses
World’s second leading cause of blindness is when the pressure inside the eye is higher, and it damages cells in the retina, also known as Glaucoma. Researchers have developed contact lenses which continuously measure the pressure inside the eye. The lenses also transfer data about pressure in the eye to the doctors which help them treat the problem.

4. Speech Restorer
A new device has been introduced for the people who cannot speak. It is called “phonetic speech engine.” The device uses the neural signal of the patients which are transmitting to vocal cards and then another small device send impulses to a computer of a smartphone, which then produces speech. It is definitely a miracle for people who can’t speak.

5. Absorbable heart stents
Stents are being used to open up arteries of the heart which have been narrowed down or blocked due to heart diseases. Stents which are being used nowadays are placed in the artery, and they keep releasing medicines which do not allow the artery to narrowed or blocked again. While another type of stents discovered by Abbot Laboratories is bio-absorbable will disappear after doing its work. The stents are placed in the artery and it will start dissolving itself in 6 months and will disappear completely after two years, after solving the arterial problem.

6. Muscles Stimulator
Muscles can atrophy due to lack of usage of muscles, while the patient is probably waiting for his broken bone to heal. A very small device has been discovered by an Israeli company for the muscle to get a little bit of exercise and it is small and handy enough to use.

7. Nerve Regenerator
Nerve regeneration has been a problem to be concerned about for doctors for so long. Nerves can’t grow along spinal cords. That’s why a nano gel has been developed by researchers at Northwestern University overcome the problem. The nano gel can be inoculated through a syringe, and it will solve the problem of scar tissues.

8. Artificial Kidney
According to an estimate, 15+ million people in the United States are suffering from End Stage Renal Disease or other kinds of Kidney problems. Typical dialysis session includes three visits to the dialysis center to remove toxins from the body. However, an artificial kidney has been developed which automated and operates on battery and weighs less than 5 pounds and also portable.

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