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Doctors try hard to understand whatever the patient is trying to state, but some patients just don’t get it, just don’t follow it, and just don’t do it, they get on the nerves of their doctors’ due to various reasons ranging from showing up late to never showing up, right from convincing themselves that they have a rare disease to telling stories about things which don’t matter! Patients are of all types, and they come in all packages and doctors don’t necessarily have to put up with all that. Here’s a list of patients who pester doctors to no limit.


        Something hovering above your head makes you feel breathless, restless and useless. Patients can come in this form to agitate doctors and they just won’t stop at anything. They will ask for anything under the sun and expect entirety in return. They constantly keep in touch with their doctor just to ask imbecile questions like, “Can I sleep on this side? Can I turn around? Can I move about? Can I breathe deeply?”


        Internet has all the books, has all the knowledge in the world and solutions to almost every little thing and so patients turn up with diagnosis never heard before, they spell it with audacity like they’ve read it all their life, and they make sure to study their doctor’s expression to check if he knows or not, but really? Self-diagnosis is a crime in a medical language and doctors have to deal with all sorts of repercussions, consequences, and circumstances because of that.


        “I’m a cheat, you are cheating” this sounds good for a song, but when it comes to discussing your body, your health, your nature, your habits, your occupation, your sexual feelings, your rituals, your culture and your wealth, why do you feel the need to lie to your doctor? Here’s a third person who is looking at your life from a different angle and will not judge you for what you are and has taken an oath for keeping your story confidential.


        Patients do stunts, dares and harmful activities and they turn up at doctor’s doorstep with emergencies. When you knew it was life-altering, why did you take part in it? Yes, doctors do agree patients have different levels of IQ, but some things just give them a hard time and they scratch their heads to come up with a solution, with an antidote.


        Some patients are never on time, and they make other patients wait in the line, what for? Did the receptionist not give you the right appointment? Or you had traffic and other issues to deal with? And, here’s a busy person waiting for your story, for your progress, for your follow-up. Doctors show and feel concern for you, don’t make them regret it!


        A couple of patients need false medical documents, need treatments which aren’t allowed, need to deceive the world and feel the need to include their doctors in the quest for wrongdoing! Doctors go into a dilemma state and find it difficult to satisfy both their values and their patients. Why should you irk your doctor with your falsifying personality?


        A few patients forget to complete their medicinal course, ignore the instructions given, and self-medicate themselves without their doctors’ permission. Such patients give excuses for not following doctor’s advice, and they turn up after weeks claiming they still have the disease! When the medicine was given to you, why don’t you just gulp it as advised to you by your doctor?

The patients will not stop getting on nerves, being dim-witted and demanding, but what can stop this is spreading it by word of mouth! By spreading this particular message, and many on the internet and bother reading them up and the best thing to do would be to bother following them up!

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