6 Oddest Medical Cases
May 2017

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6 Oddest Medical Cases

Even after the advancement of medical science for decades, the human body still has its number of mysteries. People go to doctors for strange reasons almost every day. Some of these medical conditions could be an eye-opener for people. A few of these odd medical cases are mentioned below:

  1. 20 feet tapeworm

A Chinese man went to a doctor with a complaint of abdominal pain and vomiting. He also reported having found out a strange piece of string in his stool. The doctors immediately looked at his case and were astonished to find out that a 20 feet long tapeworm had been living in his colon for the past two years. The man actually ate raw meat once, and doctors found out that the specific tapeworm causing these symptoms was Taeniasaginata (a species of beef tapeworm). He was immediately treated, and his symptoms disappeared after three months.

  1. Fish’s Bone

An old man who was 52 years was once swimming in the sea when he bumped into a group of fishes. The man came home with a swollen eye, he visited the doctor and returned with a diagnosis of inflammation. He had to undergo surgery to treat the inflammation. However, the doctors also found out a “two tubular structure” from man’s eye. After having the structure examined, they found out that it was jawbone of a fish.

  1. Epileptic Sudoku

A person, who was a Sudoku lover, went to the doctor with the complaint of having seizures in his left arm whenever playing Sudoku. He had been treated once for seizure as he faced “Hypoxia” while on the ski trip and being buried under the snow during an avalanche. The doctors tried hard to understand the case and finally got to the problem that while playing Sudoku, a person’s brain area is activated which has been affected most during Hypoxia. Eventually, the person had to stop playing the Sudoku to recover from the condition.

  1. Pilate Class and Brain

A woman went to the doctor with a constant headache, and doctors found out about the leaking of fluid from her brain. She came to know that the reason for leakage of her brain fluid was Pilate Classes. The brain fluid leakage was made possible by putting more than usual pressure on her skull.

  1. Tumor Teeth

Once a boy in Maryland was brought to doctors because his head was growing faster than usual. A scan of his brain showed that the child had a tumor growing inside her head. However, the tumor was not ordinary looking; instead, it looked like a pair of teeth was growing inside the boy’s head. The tumor was removed, and the boy survived.

  1. Excess of Energy

A Texas’ man suffered a heart attack and told the doctors that he has been using 8-10 energy drinks per day before the heart attack. He also used to smoke one pack of Cigarettes per day, two years prior to the heart attack. Doctors concluded that higher amount of Caffeine and other harmful substances like tobacco could also have caused the problem.

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