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We all follow traditions going on for eras together. Anybody found even remotely innovative is coined as weird, crack, or plain simple insane. But now, times have changed, newer ideas are getting adopted by people. And, why should doctors behave in a certain way just because they are the living mavericks of sanity, normalcy and mundane-boring-repetitive kind of life?

Thinking outside of the box means thinking in a different, distinctive, discordant and conflicting way. With such a fast-pacing world, how do you keep yourself diverse from the humdrum herd? What distinguishes you from a herd of sheep? What makes you follow your dreams by choosing a never-chosen-before path?

Here are a few ideas which doctors should adopt to live life extraordinarily in an ordinary world.


        Once you finish medical schooling, you wish to take up specialization and go ahead with it. You fear different subjects, and you fear failure. You think you cannot handle too many things at once, but have you known the wonders of your brain, apart from the terms you have known all your medical life? Doctors intern in various sections and lead a general practitioner’s life successfully. It isn’t crazy, it’s different and you need to adopt it!


        Who doesn’t complain these days? Who has an ample amount of tolerance? Nobody in today’s world is less fatigued, is less exposed to troubles and stresses of the world. Nagging is the middle name and it sells abundantly in a doctor’s profession. No doctor goes without complaining and whining, crying for things which somehow disturb their already disturbed mind and body. Thinking outside the box here would mean, Stop Grumbling, Start Persisting!


        A medical career is about learning new things every day, how about you widen your spectrum and give a shot at routes never taken before? Like for instance, have a talk with bankers, business administrators, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, freelancers and get to know about their struggles and triumphs and apply them to your work. It can help you grow efficiently and smartly.


        Once you’ve had a taste of your hospital’s inner ethics, you need to start developing one for yourself. Medical practicing for yourself means freelancing in today’s time. It comprises of legal advice, managing the funds, buying an area, growing your contacts, marketing yourself, learning more about your surroundings, and dealing with all kinds of emergencies come what may.


        Medical books tell us that this particular disease will have these many signs and symptoms, but when it comes to tracing them in patients per se, doctors need to think outside of the box. We need to come down to a conclusion which sounds sane to our paper, inner mind, and patient. Sometimes, it is staring right at us and we fail to recognize it, just because we lack in lateral thinking!

  1. THE “S”-FACTOR:

        Here “S” stands for social factors. Attributing to 50 percent among the top 10 leading causes of death in the USA is social factors. Things like money, family, and religion which affect the way you live are the social factors. Doctors here need to consider this point, need to go beyond their diagnosis and treatment and understand the social norms and rituals and factors affecting their patient to prevent death altogether.

Imagination leads to ideas, ideas to acceptance, and acceptance to implementation. Implementation of your ideas alone can help you think outside of the box!

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