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5 Types of Patients You Meet Daily

As a doctor, a lot of people look up to you for help regarding their various health issues. Hence, you meet with a lot of patients with different characters every day, and you have to deal with all of them in a different manner. Therefore, you have to understand the type of person they are so as to deal with them perfectly. If you are a soon to be doctor, below are hints to get you started on the kind of people you are likely going to meet. Doctors already in practice are not left out either.

  1. The Too Knows

These people are the ones that feel they know about everything about medicine. They like to interrupt and correct you to show their skills. These people leave you wondering about why they came to the hospital in the first place. They like to argue and if you are not careful, they will confuse you. They are always rude, bossy and generally annoying.

Their too know act is sometimes due to the fact that a family or friend is also a doctor. They argue and tell you a particular doctor treated them in a particular manner and ask why you are doing otherwise.

  1. The Clueless ones

This set of people won’t give you a lot of problem at first, but they can become annoying in the long run. They listen to all you tell them to do without opposing. However, they ask questions a lot. They ask questions about the simplest things they ought to know about. These are the type of people that will call you at 12 in the midnight because their baby is crying. When all they could have done is give him food to eat or pet him to sleep.

  1. The professional ones

These set of people keep it strictly professional. They come for their appointment, leave and you only hear from them when they come for the next appointment. They don’t argue, ask only reasonable questions and barely talk. People like this don’t play or even laugh at your jokes. You never see them smile.

  1. The friendly ones

These kinds of people take treatment to a whole new level. They are the friendly ones and they smile a lot. They not only care about their well being, but also yours. These people will call to wish you a happy holiday, buy you gifts and sometimes go to the extent of inviting for dinner or parties. They graduate from patient to friends.

However, if you are the type that likes keeping things professional, you might not like them.

  1. The Flirts

These set of people are temptations. They always jump at every opportunity to flirt with you. Most of them are not actually ill, but just fake it to flirt with you. Especially if you are very pretty or handsome, they will come for you. They end up been a pest because no matter how many times you send them away, they will keep coming back.


However, the most important thing is, knowing how to deal with these different types of patients. Being a doctor goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. It goes as far as relating with your patients perfectly. In this, there is no one size fits all.

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