3 Business Skills Doctors Need to Know
May 2018

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3 Business Skills Doctors Need to Know

Every medical student comes in the field of medicine with the thoughts of becoming a professional, kind, compassionate doctor as well as a healer. When it comes to their profession, healthcare providers consider it as a religious duty or consider themselves as saviors. When a medical professional is told that being a good healthcare provider needs the skills mentioned above as well as a few other business tips, he might flip out.

Calling a medical profession a business might annoy some people, but it is a fact that no bad business person can survive while working in a medical profession. One of the doctors compared his profession to his friend who is working as a manager after receiving a Business Administration degree. There has to be a relationship between the business skills required for management positions and that of a doctor’s profession.


Management is necessary for every working field because doctors do not practice alone nowadays. Most of the doctors work with a team of paramedics, nurses, pharmacist or sometimes psychologists. When a doctor is working with a team of healthcare providers, he has to have some commendable management skills. The team not only consists of doctors or only paramedics or only nurses rather it consists of the different level of healthcare providers, so management has to be competent.


Leadership and responsibility go hand in hand. While allocating duties to all the healthcare providers, the doctor has to stay vigilant about the overall healthcare provided to patients. It can be clarified with an example that when a product of the company is bugged or anomalies, the whole company’s reputation is ruined. The same scenario happens in healthcare practice. A small mistake can ruin the practice for the doctor even when it is not that doctor’s but from another member of the team. So, it is important for the doctor to take care of everything and keep an eye on that.

Customer care

A patient comes to a doctor no only to treat his medical illness but also to clear his doubt and queries he might have from his illness. However, the doctor can’t answer every single question from the patient because of the pressure of dealing with a lot of patients. Some might consider it inconsiderate, but patients are like customers who come to doctors for advice and care. They expect and are in need of high quality of customer care like in any other business or service provider for that matter. Like other customer hate ambiguous responses and rude behaviors, same goes for the patients they like to have transparent and clear doctor-patient communication. They also need an empathetic approach to their illness. A doctor has to keep in mind this customer satisfaction technique for better practice.


A medical student must work on his business skills during his postgraduate training or residency as a medical trainee. Medical students do learn these things after completion of their studies in a supervised environment but may face difficulty in the practical field due to lack of any previous industrial experience.

Medical schools probably should also teach business and administrative skills in addition to medical sciences.

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