13 Interesting facts about Doctors
May 2017

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13 Interesting facts about Doctors

Everyone has encountered with doctors, but not everyone knows about these lesser known facts about doctors. Here are some of the interesting facts about doctors and other health care professionals:

  1. The United States of America is home to around 700,000 doctors and health care professionals. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that Doctor’s national day is celebrated to appreciate doctors in the United States. The day is celebrated on 30th March annually on a regular basis. 
  2. Unlike the general opinion about doctors being more careful about their health, doctors used alcohol and other substances just like the general public. However, they are more likely to use prescription drugs because of availability. Doctors also have more chances of relapse. 
  3. Doctors are not paid by the pharmaceutical companies to prescribe certain drugs to patients; however, they are paid for conducting medical trials for research purposes on their medical practice. 
  4. Medicine is one of the fields which require hard work and devotion from the professionals. Doctors are reported to have worked around 60 hours a week, around 64% of doctors have reported working overtime.
  5. It is gross to think about a towel left in your abdomen by a doctor. However, according to an estimate around 6,000 cases per year of doctors leaving towel, sponges and other surgical instruments in patients’ body have been reported. 
  6. Medicine is one of the highest-paid professional field, and physicians still find additional work for paying their student loans which get them through the medical school. 
  7. Medicine is not only the highest-paid career; it is also a rapidly growing field. Its growth is also above average than most of the professions. According to an estimate, the growth rate between 2012 & 2020 was 18% for the field of medicine. 
  8. One of the most primitive transcribed medical records was found in Hammurabi’s Code in Mesopotamia Civilization which dates back to 18th Century BC. It is the earliest version of laws and rules that has information about the payments for the physicians who successfully cured the disease and punishments for the doctor who failed to cure the disease.
  9. The most initial evidence of a hospital or clinic with real doctors who treated patients is from Sri Lanka in 5th century BC.
  10. According to the researches, Greeks were the first people to give the concept of the hospital as they first allocated a house for curing the ill. However, their way of treating diseases was different as they did not ask the physician to cure people; instead, they designated temples for the ills and asked Gods to heal their ills. Gods responsible for healing were Saturn and Asclepius.
  11. Hippocrates was the first person who treated the diseases for natural causes. Before him, diseases were considered to be happening due to supernatural causes. He also developed a medical school and is also known as the “Father of Medicine.”
  12. Primitive Native American societies used a little bit of both magical practices and healing through religion.
  13. Primitive Asian societies had medical practices far ahead of their times. They used surgical techniques, herbs, and minerals in their medical practice. 

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