10 things that doctors appreciate about their patients
Jun 2017

Doctors are always being judged and evaluated for their behavior, body language, communication and the way they treat the patient. However, there are a few things doctors also appreciate if they are present in a patient. Let’s take a look at some of those qualities of the patients which are admired by the doctors. Instead of only focusing on what patients need to do to improve their health, let's look at what they bring to a doctor’s appointment.

  1. Patient’s sense of humor: The doctor and patient both can be going through a rough patch in life, but it is the smallest of gestures which can help them move forward through a day. These gestures can be as little as a smile or a joke.
  2. Patient’s improvement:What else could a doctor have asked than watching his patient making progress in even if it is as little as relief from a cough or lower cholesterol?
  3. Patient’s concern for the doctor: Although it is the doctor’s responsibility to take care of his patients, however, sometimes patients show concern about their doctor’s well-being. The doctors reported that it is encouraging to see patients also being concerned about their welfare and at times their lunch breaks.
  4. Patient’s friends and extended family members: The doctors actually find it moving to see relatives or friends of the patient coming in checking on the patient and taking care of the patient from time to time.
  5. Patient’s considering nature: Allotment of time to treat every patient is probably short, and every patient might not get a chance to report everything satisfactorily. Doctors’ reported admiring patient’s understanding of the lack of time.
  6. Patient’s life stories: Doctor’s interest in a patient’s life goes a long way while treating the patient. The doctors find patient’s life stories interesting and appreciate their struggles and uniqueness.
  7. Patient’s conviction: According to doctors, his/her patients had beliefs and faith which were far away from the physical world we believe in. The doctors found those stories fascinating and worthwhile to listen to.
  8. Patient’s knowledge: There are some doctors who admitted that their patients were well-informed of current developments in medical science than the doctors themselves. It was certainly a great thing.
  9. Patient’s self- restraint: Self-restraint or self-discipline is one of the important things whenever opting for a treatment regimen. Nothing can be achieved when until a person shows self-discipline and restraint to certain things. Even a few of the doctors keep their fitness regimen so that they do not feel any less in front of these self-motivated individuals.
  10. Patient’s readiness: Contrary to the popular belief that doctors get annoyed when patients ask a lot of questions, the doctors do appreciate the fact that patient also shows concern about his health and ask questions. Patient’s concern and preparedness also increase the efficiency of the treatment. What the doctors don’t like is the patient to be worried about the things they did not ask during their visit to the doctor.


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