10 Doctors On The Dumbest Patients They Have Ever Treated
Apr 2018

Doctors had to deal with different kinds of patients. Some of them do not even know about the most known common facts. Here are some of the dumbest patients treated by the doctors.

  1. Once a doctor had to treat a patient about the drugs he is going to take. The doctor kept on explaining everything and the patient kept nodding, and the doctor knew that the patient did not understand anything. It turned out that the doctor kept referring the drugs as tablets while the patient did not know that.
  2. A female came to the doctor to get her 6-months old checked. She apparently had chocolate milk in her hand for the child to drink. The doctor recommended that the child of this age must not drink chocolate milk (as the stomach is sensitive). While the woman replies that it is not chocolate milk, it is coffee, and the child loved to drink the coffee.
  3. A doctor had to explain a woman that bleeding once in a month is normal while the woman had two kids.
  4. A woman came to a doctor for the temperature check of her child. She told the nurse that her child’s temperature is 250 degrees. When asked for an explanation; she reported that she had been checking her baby’s temperature by pre-heating the oven and placing one hand on the oven and other on her baby.
  5. A woman was diagnosed with STD and was clearly tensed because she reported having only one partner. Although her partner used to have relations with other people, he used a condom during that. The woman also reported that she had seen her partner used the condom and then wash it properly after every time he used it.
  6. A doctor once had to tell a patient that the band-aids are not for the cure of anything. The only use of a band-aid is to cover a wound or a cut. The patient needed this explanation because she put band-aid all over herself in order to treat her recently diagnosed diabetes type –II.
  7. A couple was furious because of an unwanted pregnancy while a pill was being used. When the doctor asked for an explanation, they reported that the girl was taking the pill and it was upsetting her stomach. Hence the guy started taking it.
  8. A doctor once had to explain to a senior man that the spot he is seeing on his chest is a nipple and everyone in this world has these.
  9. A woman had to get her foot amputated because of an accident. She was given the consent form to sign and think about it clearly. The woman was indifferent and was not bothered very much. When asked about the reason of her nonchalance she reported that she was fine with the operation and with the amputation of the foot as it is going to grow back eventually.
  10. According to a doctor, she had to explain it to a 20-year-old female that the number one reason for being pregnant would be having sex. She did not seem to know.

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