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What the challenges the physicians are facing in 2017

Physicians have to cope with a lot of things and they have to be up to date for better service and healthcare. A physician has to go with the latest technology along with modernized treatment method. But there are always challenges that physicians have to face. Physicians are facing problems like declining reimbursement, the Affordable Care Act, uncertainties around new administration they are just to name a few.

Here are the top 10 problems that physicians are facing now-


  1. Chronic Care Management:

About one-fourth of primary care doctors admit that they are not ready to take care of chronic diseases yet. Half of the U.S. adults suffer from chronic disease and the numbers are increasing terribly. For remote Chronic Care Management Services, doctors are paid only $40.40 per month for an eligible patient which is making the issue tougher for the physicians.


  1. Implementing EHR:

Frustration with the demands imposed by electronic health records has been increased enormously in recent times. Physician’s EHR interoperability is also causing an issue. For primary care doctors who don’t have the opportunity to expand on IT and other supports have to establish EHR. This is an issue faced by physicians in recent times.


  1. Staying motivated to practice medicine:

Work-life balance has been declined more and it’s still going down. Burnout occurrence has occurred more. For the lack of work-life balance and burnout incidents, staying motivated to practice medicine is getting difficult.


  1. Patient-centered care technology:

Patient-centered technology through making the task of physicians easier but it’s undertaking the amount of hospital admitting which results in a reduction of revenue for the physicians.


  1. Communication with patients:

Commonwealth Fund survey showed that only one physician out of three is known when the patient is discharged and the rest two are not. It results in confusion and frustration among the patients which causing dissatisfaction on provided service. But for the sake of growing demand physicians can rarely do about it.


  1. Being updated with the latest technologies:

Being updated with the latest technology is a must for the physicians but it’s getting challenging for the physicians as the Cost to afford them is out of reach for primary care physicians and increasing Cost of IT and supports making it a challenge for physicians.


  1. Independence:

Increasing practices and taking ownership of physician’s practices for clinical integration is not letting the physician’s practice as they want. The major challenge here for the physician is to remain or returning to independent practice.


  1. Patient frustration with rising cost and ignorance:

Patient’s frustration with the rising cost is also making an issue for physicians. Patients who can’t afford medical tests that are suggested and medicines have to suffer from frustration. Patent’s ignorance and their education process by the physicians is also making a tough job for physicians.


  1. Time-consuming accessing information:

Physicians are one of the busiest persons on earth for their rapidly growing demand. Physicians have to go through the information about a patient such as a history of his/her treatment, previous test results, etc. For searching this information they have to enter data manually which consumes their time. This is a rising challenge every physician are facing.



  1. Maintenance of certification:

Physicians have to maintain their certification for their specialty and subspecialty. It’s causing them more money which is an issue for them. It’s causing one more challenge for the physicians in recent times.


Physicians can take some steps just to reduce facing challenges such as managing finances with the uncertainty of Medicare reimbursement rates, keeping an account of total expense and revenue to identify the output.

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